Risk Regular [WIP…]

First typeface started at the Jack Usine's type design workshop at N'a Qu'1 Œil bookstore, Bordeaux, October 2018. Inspired by an old commercial found in a 50's catalog.

3 weights : Regular, Medium, Black

Vie Sauvage 7

Visual identity for the 7th edition of Vie Sauvage festival, in Bourg (France). Typeface "Knif" by Axel Pelletanche Thévenard, Building Paris and A is for Apple foundry.

  • Fluo poster (Bourg) : 297 x 420 mm
  • CMYK poster (Bordeaux) : 120 x 176 cm, 420 x 594 mm

(Designed at NDbrg Studio)


First "Sans-Titre" issue, a bimonthly publication dealing with graphic and type design distributed for free in Bordeaux.

  • Berliner, 320 x 470 mm
  • Digital printing, Black

(Designed at NDbrg Studio)

  • Wen, November 17 - Wen, December 22, 2017
    Sous Pli @ Le 308, Bordeaux
    Pli, Revue Architecture et édition & NDbrg

Pli Revue released the third issue : Pli 03 — Conflit in September 2017 in Paris and Bruxelles. The «Sous-Pli» exhibition, created in collaboration with NDbrg studio, starts a process that commits contributors and illustrators to make real the inaccessible background of a collaborative work. «Sous-Pli» inspects behind the scene of physic and conceptual production. This is about telling the project history, looking closely the creative process of the publication with its privacy on everyone’s view (emails, letters, drafts...) through 120 pieces delaying each step of the conception.

(Designed at NDbrg Studio)

Proxima Centauri

Chamber music ensemble Proxima Centauri's annual program.

  • 148 x 210 mm
  • Cover: Chromolux Silver 250g
  • Digital printing, Black

(Designed during my internship at NDbrg Studio)